Europe’s First Long-Distance REGATTA for Big Scale Offshore Powerboats in a Breathtaking Setting

Dear RC Offshore Powerboat Enthusiasts,

Get ready for the ultimate regatta adventure – the first long-distance Rhine Regatta in Europe! Experience an unforgettable weekend full of adrenaline, friendship, and competition as your powerboats glide through the stunning landscape of the Rhine Valley, past historical castles, picturesque vineyards, and majestic cliffs.

Imagine steering your powerboat at full speed over the sparkling waves of the Rhine while your support boat follows closely behind. Feel the excitement as you compete with other teams in a thrilling race along the scenic riverbanks. The total distance of this breathtaking regatta is 50 kilometers.

This exciting event offers you the following highlights and details:

  • Exclusive eligibility for RC Offshore Powerboats with a hull length between 200 cm and 399 cm.
  • Deep-Vee and catamaran shapes are allowed, while hydroplanes and F1 powerboats are excluded.
  • An unparalleled regatta weekend with technical inspection on Friday, training and qualification on Saturday, and the main regatta on Sunday.
  • The regatta begins on Sunday morning at 10 am and takes you through the breathtaking Rhine landscape from Wiesbaden to Bingen and back, passing historical landmarks such as the Niederwalddenkmal, Biebrich Palace, and the idyllic villages of the Rhine Valley.
  • Upon arrival in Bingen, the time will be paused while you refuel your models and perform minor repairs in the harbor. As soon as you leave the harbor, the time continues, and the regatta returns to Wiesbaden.
  • The winner will be determined based on the shortest overall time for the entire route from Wiesbaden to Bingen and then from Bingen back to Wiesbaden. In the evening, there will be an award ceremony followed by a dinner and a closing party.
  • Professional catering ensures the well-being of participants and guests while you enjoy the impressive view from the modern dock facility.
  • Equal conditions for all teams by providing identical center console sports boats with 4T 90HP engines.
  • Exciting challenges and risks, such as navigating through narrow river sections, strong currents, and changing weather conditions.

The regatta takes place in a breathtaking setting where you can showcase your skills and the performance of your RC-Offshore-Powerboats. Experience the fascination of the Rhine Valley as you compete for pole position and master the challenges of a long-distance regatta.

Spaces are limited, so don’t hesitate to sign up and become part of this unique and spectacular event. Be enchanted by the magic of the Rhine Valley and enjoy an unforgettable race weekend full of excitement and challenges.

We will soon provide an online form for you to complete so you can pre-register and we can determine together if your boat is eligible for the spectacular Rhine Regatta 2024. There are some safety aspects to consider, which we will review during the pre-registration process. The actual registration will take place exactly 3 months before the regatta. We cannot provide an exact date yet, but we expect it to be in September 2024.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 6 boats, and those who register first secure a spot! The complete set of rules will be provided as a PDF for download shortly. Get ready for an exciting race weekend and seize your chance to be part of this unique regatta!

The provisional rules can be found –>here<–

The pre-registration form can be found –>here<–