Sponsoring GB

Dear RCPowerboat Enthusiasts,

We are excited to announce that the RCPowerboat Challenge 2024 is taking place! As the organizer of this event and the owner of rcpowerboat.de, we are proud to offer a sponsorship opportunity for a dedicated and talented team. Our goal is to promote the RC Powerboat sport and increase its public recognition and appreciation.

Our sponsorship offer includes providing an empty, professionally painted hull of a 1/6 scale RC Offshore Racing Boat. Your team is responsible for converting the model into a competitive RCPowerboat using your own financing and under your own responsibility. To support you as best as possible, we naturally offer Factory Support.

We are looking for teams of at least three people so that the financial burden and know-how for building the boat are fairly distributed, and participation in the regatta is guaranteed.

To qualify for our sponsorship, you and your team must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrable experience in RC Powerboat model building sports
  • Willingness to carry out the boat construction independently and with your own financing
  • Binding commitment to participate in the RC Powerboat Challenge 2024 Regatta

Application process:

  • Send us an email to mail at rcpowerboat dot de with the subject „Sponsorship Application“
  • Introduce yourself and your team (name, age, experience in RC Powerboat model sports, and existing team members)
  • Explain why your team is the ideal choice for our sponsorship, what successes you have already achieved, and what advantages your team can draw from your experience with large-scale offshore racing boat models
  • Describe your plans and strategies for boat construction, including financing and technologies used
  • Send us photos, videos, or references that prove your experience in RC Powerboat model sports, especially in the field of large-scale models
  • Share your contact details with us so we can reach you for inquiries or a successful application

Please submit your application by the deadline, May 31, 2023 at mail at rcpowerboat dot de

Through our sponsorship, we want to support the development and progress of the RC Powerboat model sports and, at the same time, promote the ambition and passion of the racing community.

We look forward to your applications and wish you the best of luck!

Take this opportunity to be part of an exciting racing challenge and showcase your skills.

Here’s to a successful RC Powerboat Challenge 2024 and your impressive achievements!